We can travel the road to your facilities all over California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Hawaii….(OK, there’s no road to Hawaii…but we’ll get there)


Comprehensive exterior and interior surveys are completed at your facility by observing, measuring, and documenting (sometimes hundreds) of elements including, but not limited to, accessible routes, accessible parking, entrances, restrooms, seating and tables, reach ranges, and signage, Photographs and, when appropriate, notated aerial images and floor plans, are included.


We welcome small single businesses as well as large chain corporations as our Clients. We have provided our services for chains with up to 500 or more facilities located throughout northern and southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Hawaii.


As commercial properties are sold, existing accessibility issues and liability may be passed on to the new owner resulting in unexpected costs for remediation. EQUAL ACCESS provides comprehensive accessibility surveys for real estate brokers and property owners prior to sale to determine the extent of accessibility obligation which could also affect the final asking or sales price.


EQUAL ACCESS provides accessibility-related construction observation during the construction of commercial buildings to help assure compliance with accessibility standards. Site visits occur at various key stages of construction such as grading, forming of foundation/slab, framing, forming of walkways/ramps, and finish.


Architectural design development and construction document drawings are reviewed to determine accurate inclusion of accessibility features. The drawings are highly recommended to be reviewed prior to commencing with the construction of a project to minimize change orders and to possibly delay the construction schedule. A detailed written report of the review is provided.


EQUAL ACCESS is available to answer that one accessibility question that’s been nagging you or we are available as an on-going accessibility resource for you and your company.


We are a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) in the state of California and will provide CASp certificates with our survey reports. Business owners can benefit from having a CASp certified consultant assist them.


EQUAL ACCESS has provided accessibility consulting services to attorneys for over 3,500 cases in both state and federal court. Occasionally an accessibility-related case will go to trial and EQUAL ACCESS is designated as an expert witness. Principal Bob Evans has provided these services many times through depositions taken and testifying in trial.


Architectural design can be provided for new and remodeled facilities incorporating accessible universal design. Construction drawings can also be provided for required accessible modifications at existing facilities.


We can provide you with accessible exterior and interior modifications construction services through our contracting company, ACCESS CONSTRUCTION, INC. including, walkways, curb ramps, pedestrian ramps, accessible parking, stairs and handrails, entrances and landings, counters, restrooms, etc. Please visit us at